GIFV, a GIF to MP4 converter



Not the same. To me, it’s like the difference between a haiku and a short story.

Wups. 404.

The link in the post should be (without the forced desktop at the end, which is giving errors for some of us).

Once I got to the page, I still didn’t see anything but text and lots of blank space. Maybe GIFVs don’t work in Firefox? Not the best rollout ever, but hell I’m willing to wait longer… I love GIF culture, but hope the format gets replaced soon.

Why not .webm?

I mean if 4Chan gives the green light to that format it has to have some merit…

And like DocPop mentioned, I don’t see anything in Firefox when looking at the gifv stuff.

Working for me in Firefox at the moment. And in Chrome. Neat idea, but confusing… I guess I don’t understand “GIF culture” as I just presumed that most animated gifs started out as videos in the first place. So it seems weird to go video->gif->video.

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Every step of this process has been bad. These don’t work in Firefox, break pages on Safari Mobile (for iPhone), don’t animate in Twitter’s mobile app, and do bizarre crops on larger GIFs instead of resizing them.

Any GIF to video medium is doomed to fail!

GIFs need to be replaced, there’s no doubt about it, but lets look at the issues here. You still have to start with GIFs, which are terrible with bilevel and full color (max palette of 256!) and have terrible compression techniques, which ends up with a pretty bad looking image… then it takes that image and converts into something that breaks most browsers. It’s like they took all the bad parts of GIF compression and took away the good parts (their ubiquitous functionality).

wow. what WILL they think of next

GIF is obsolete. It only has 256 colors and the resolution is usually pitiful. WEBM is the way to go and you can even have sound if you want.

Reminds me of a really old sci-fi story where a guy reverse-engineers a calculator and thus learns the rules of mathematics. Based on his discovery, there is speculation that perhaps one day they will have man-guided missiles.

Awesome, now you can have animated images that can only be seen if you unblock Flash and leave yourself open to uncontrolled sounds on all your webpages.

Don’t worry, I hear that they are working on a MP4 to animated .png converter.

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