Girl on Film: a graphic novel memoir of a life in the arts and the biological basis for memory-formation

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Cecil Castellucci (previously) is a polymath artist: YA novelist, comics writer, librettist, rock star; her latest book, Girl on Film, is an extraordinary memoir of her life in the arts, attending New York’s School for the Performing Arts (AKA “The Fame School”) and being raised by her parents, who are accomplished scientists.


Cool, I love Beat Happening (and who doesn’t like the Lemonheads), must check out the Nerdy Girl back catalogue!
(I know this is not really the point of Cory’s original post, but MUSIC :smiley: )

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Is it a Young Adult graphic novel of a straight autobiographical graphic novel?

Very interesting. You know, there’s talk in the air about what constitutes “class” – some say money (though they can’t say how much), some say education (though they’re reluctant to say what the divide is). I suspect the divide may be between those who believe that if they remember something it’s because it happened and if they have a feeling about something it’s because of that thing; and those who understand about the malleability of memory and how our thoughts and feelings are riddled with un- or semi-conscious bias.

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