Girls? A collection of essays about being young and single in NYC

Our friends at Thought Catalog (which published Mark Dery’s terrific long read, England My England: Anglophilia Explained, has a new eBook title called Girls? A Collection of Essays. Publisher Chris Lavergne says: 13 women were asked to write for this book, and given free reign over the subjects they wrote about – the key thing… READ THE REST

Oh good, more NYC navel-gazing. I was afraid we’d run out!


Free rein. You’re a book publisher!


I was just going to say that myself. What’s next? “Hone in on”? A “flaw in the ointment”? I mean, jeepers.

One is struck by the broad diversity shown in the accompanying photograph.


For that matter: “Our friends … has”? Also, I’d probably go with a comma after starting that sentence with “But”, and a semicolon between the two clauses. [Exit Frustrated Writer; staggers off toward fritzing neon sign: “Sour Grapes Club”.]

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“free reign”?!? This editor is illiterate.

Maybe one or more of the essays involves pony play.

Gotta get a copy for my daughter. Wait – Kindle only? Never mind.

I see what you did there.

Not only that, I can’t see it on Amazon UK. Evidently only technologically enabled Americans are allowed to read about divers… oh sod it.

That’s rein too!

Well fuck. Maybe…it involves pony play and a king. Nope, doesn’t work.

It could be about a pony king!

I don’t think I’ve seen a horse up close and in-person since I was five. ‘Reign’ is more evocative/relevant and should be the rule, if any. F-bomb is an ordained word now, right? F-bomb your OG. (or is it ‘you’re?’)

This could be either:

F-bomb, you’re OG!

in which case, thanks, or

F-bomb your OG.

in which case, I don’t know what OG stands for here.


Oh, sure. Obviously.

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