Glen Martin Taylor is a boundary breaking ceramicist

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I’ve done a little bit of ceramics, and I think that glazes are wonderfully alchemical; how they change from drab sludge in to wonderfully glass.


That plate with the stylized cross saying “he died peacefully, staring at his bank account balance” might be my favorite art piece on Christianity, ever. So little, to say so much.


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Here’s his site, if you don’t use isntagram:


I LOVE the piece titled “spool kintsugi” [it’s the first image if you click Popkin’s link “this cup which holds spools of thread” (instagram)…or on Glen Martin Taylor’s website here and here]

This is what he says on the instagram:

Growing up, watching my mother struggle with her fragile mental health, I watched her do what was expected of her, which was to cook food and mend our clothes. I was the youngest and my best memory of her was of playing at her feet while she sewed and mended my older brothers’ worn out pants and shirts and socks, before they were handed down to me. It was the mending, it was the thread….

It makes me wonder if his mother had a so-called “Martha Washington” sewing cabinet, or something similar. Here’s mine, which I inherited from my mother. As a small child, I was fascinated by the rods that held the spools of thread and bobbins. I don’t use mine as a sewing cabinet, but I put a few bobbins and spools on to show you.


I’ll show you mine when I get back there (have too much in the city this week, so I’m staying in town for a few days).

Mine, the spools sit vertically on their posts in the hinged door, instead of horizontally like yours.



I’m hoping people will click through to see his piece that I’m referring to, and see why it made me think of the horizontal rods for spools in cabinets like mine… (I don’t believe I have the right to post his photo here…)


Beautiful work. I’m so glad we’ve been introduced to his art here.


Hey! Stay out of the dining room!


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