Watch how to make patterns in cross-sectioned clay

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I was actually watching pottery videos all of last week. Including the agate teapot one.

I now have knowledge of throwing and pulling handles, cross sectional pottery and other pottery designs that equip me well to answer boing boing threads and nothing more.
(When I showed my husband a clip of the agate pottery, he looked at me and said a very important word - Why?)


that’s all that really matters, really.


Why not? Honestly there’s nothing quite like well made pottery, in fact i just visited Japan last week and spent my time looking at pottery. I bought a few nice bowls (one for myself), and a plate + mug as a gift. I would’ve liked to have bought a good hand made mug for myself… next time.


yes. I agree thats why I still watch them.
Also - Japanese pottery is so pretty and unusual! I envy your bowl :slight_smile:

Making canes like this is very popular with some polymer clay artists. That medium preserves the images very well as the canes are reduced (rolled thinner), cut up and assembled. I’m a big fan of millefiori glass beads as well, which date back to Roman times.

I love seeing the nerikomi ceramics, and the agateware teapots. It’s cool how artisans from different cultures produce similar work across the centuries.

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