Watch: woman makes pottery from scratch

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Neat. It was relaxing to watch someone work at a human pace instead of making it all about production. I forget that this other way of being exists.


Counterpoint: Nasty, brutish, and short.


Absolutely gorgeous and informative.


I read “Primitive Technology” and was immediate disappoint. ‘Did he find a woman who is also into recreating stone age technology for fun and, well fun I guess?’

The I watched the video and I was all, yeah! They’ve obviously seen this Australian fellow’s channel! Not a word spoken. Music was nice.

She can teach him about glazes and so on. Let the power of the interwebs bring these souls together that our kind may flourish on this Earth!


It’s cool that she had that experience, but at a technical level it’s not that impressive.

Actually he was going to sue her for IP violations, but the lawyers determined that doing it with a shirt on is non-infringing.


I’m super impressed with anyone that can create something out of nothing.


I keep telling y’all, scratch is amazing. You can make anything from it!

We dug clay and made and fired pots in vacant lots by the Red Clay and White Clay Creeks​ when I was a child. (Unfortunately all those spots are paved over today, and most schoolchildren would be harshly punished for playing with fire.)

It was a satisfying and enlightening experience, in my opinion. Very healthy.


Just for clarification… I still really think it’s cool. But this kind of ceramics production is taught in any decent ceramic art production at a good university. I was given a big bucket and told to go walk into the woods and find clay, extract it and separate it (jeez, the separation was hard), work it, shape it and fire it in a wood fired pit. Hard work, but a lot of fun.

Hers were a lot nicer looking than mine though!


“woman makes pottery from scratch”

I’m pretty sure making any pottery is from scratch.


You want relaxing pottery made from scratch??? I’ll give you relaxing pottery made from scratch!!!


Some people know how to make actual things. Well, huh.

(I don’t.)

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We need to return to a more civilized age. :wink:
Actually the place where I take evening pottery classes is a primary/middle school where kids can take pottery and ceramics classes. That such things still exist gives me hope for the future.

Also when I was a kid at summer camp there was an abandoned quarry where we could collect our own clay. That was the second best part. The best part was finding snakes and tiny scorpions under the rocks.

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Spent a few days camping and hiking in Canyonlands several years ago. There were ancient pottery shards everywhere, some still showing bright colorful glazes, and some still showing tool markings on the inside surfaces.


Jeez, really need to take a pottery class some time.
Have been willing to for a while…
Think of all the unappreciated birthday gifts you could make. Larry’s birthday coming up? Boom! flower pot! Linda’s birthday? Shazam! ashtray! etc.

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