Glenn Greenwald's new book tells the inside story of working with Snowden


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Good to see it’s already selling so well.

He was interviewed on Democracy Now! today.

“Collect It All”: Glenn Greenwald on NSA Bugging Tech Hardware, Economic Espionage & Spying on U.N.


I watched the Frontline show, and I kept thinking “This was all discussed on Slashdot in the 90s as it happened.” We techs knew about the secret extra switch centers inside AT&T and the NSA’s involvement with encryption (seemed good) and even the FISA court revolt… but nobody cared but the techs.

Just like computer games, this surveillance capability was predicted and designed in the 1960s and we knew it was coming. Notice how many techies avoided Facebook/Twitter/etc? If it’s possible, it will happen as soon as someone puts enough money down. So we knew about this for decades (no real proof, but…)

As long as we (the Public) thought that it only affected us personally… well, we got used to that with Facebook and just laid back a bit. Now that Business is affected - NOW we see some outrage.

US-owned tech goods and services are going to be much harder to sell. This is actually a trust-based market, and it always takes many years to win back the trust of your customers. Ask China about that.

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Thank you for your link!

Reminds me, I need to resupply their war-chest again:


There was some discussion in the 90’s about it, but I agree with you that it certainly wasn’t enough. I knew a lot of Gen X people that discussed it in the 90’s, but were blown off by larger society as tinfoil hat nutjubs. We were all talking about Echelon, etc. and we were very aware that our communications were likely being monitored. And, if you knew anyone heavily involved in the telecom industry, you knew about fishy shit going on there as well.

Or, if you lived in or near DC and knew lots of people that worked in intelligence… it didn’t take long to get wind of some fishy shit.

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