CNN interview with author of discredited Sunday Times story on Snowden is painful to watch

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Well, job done, Murdoch’s empire will continue to be allowed to dominate British newspapers and the new Press compalints system will continue to be toothless. In exchange for which we get…what exactly?
“The harm done by Snowden is incalculable”…yes, because it’s NaN.

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“CNN interview with […] is painful to watch”
“you owe it to yourself to watch this video”

Um, no?

Saw this and the article debunking the notion that they got it from Snowden, and all I can say is:

First NSA, then the U.S. And UK governments, then Snowden, then Greenwald, and now…

Seriously!?!? China AND Russia?

I am, once again, literally the last to know.

No shit. The Chinese and Russians both broke public key encryption, and then, when they could read any document they wanted, US government, financial, corporate, anything, they told you, a tabloid reporter, that they had this capability?


This is a good bad interview, and significant in just how much it inadvertently does manage to say. But for literally repeating the same thing, I think the all-time classic still must be Ed Milliband.


But the people who placed this story have got exactly what they wanted, haven’t they? They can’t stop people knowing about unaccountable 24/7 total surveillance, but they can generate FUD to confuse and weaken the public’s response. Of course they know it won’t hold up, but if 100 people read the story, and 32 of those see it debunked, that’s still 68 potential surveillance objectors neutralized.

I have to believe that the choice of this gormless clod was deliberate too. If there’s a backlash and someone needs to be thrown under the bus, what’s Tom Harper going to do? Defend himself with his wit, charisma and reputation?


Well, a new word for me to learn. Came here to say this about this guy, he was picked as a patsy.

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