Watch the full-length NBC News interview with Edward Snowden


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Brought to you (me at least) and brought to you and brought to you (ad nauseam) by Charmin Ultra Soft!

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All I get is “content unavailable” ad infinitum. Don’t know if this is geolocked or not. They’ve already started breaking the internet with that shit.

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I was glad to see a somewhat sympathetic presentation of Snowden. But, I was very unhappy to see that the interview avoided covering the underlying issues. The interview provided a good view of Snowden, but it provided a very poor view of the issues surrounding the growth of our surveillance society.

It is like reducing the entire race/discrimination discussion to simply: Was Martin Luther King a good man?

We need to improve the level of discourse to make progress. Let me try an example. The first leaked document is the Verizon court order

Subsequent discussion revealed that this order was a renewal of an ongoing process that may have been going on for years. The order forces Verizon to provide “all call detail records or telephony metadata…”

This is without question a general warrant. It seizes the records of all Verizon customers, guilty or innocent. Because the vast majority of the people effected are innocent, there is not even an illusion of probable cause. The seizure is not limited in any way. This action is a violation of our highest law. It is contrary to our deepest beliefs.

So, how must we respond when people in authority over us claim that this action is legal? How can they claim to have legal authority over us, when they are systematically destroying the basis of their legitimacy? Our fathers fought and died to oppose this kind of oppression. Can we be American if we do less?

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A little unsettling when each segment of an interview with the world’s “most wanted man” starts cheerily with the line “some things you have to squeeze to make sure…” and wraps up with “I can’t help but squeeze! That’s been happening to people for years…”

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Не сжимайте Чармин!

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