Livestream: Edward Snowden at SXSW


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They need to let Ed Snowden talk more!


Indeed. Maybe he’s scheduled to do a separate address on his own?

Is it possible to embed this so that it does not auto-play? Thanks!

Sudden noise from the speakers when you open a website is always confusing.


Here is a working mirror of the live broadcast :

LOL the guy moderating promised MJ at the after party.


Do let Snowden talk more (de rigueur explanation point), to convince us that we do indeed need to have the data he stole from the NSA disclosed to us, puny, unworthy-mortals, by “responsible journalists [synonym of “adversarial journalists”, of course] in coordination with government stakeholders”.

Haha. You = funny.

Mmmm, such delectable sock puppetry. Empty of meaning but unnecessarily provocative. Only a question of motivation, now: who is the string-puller, one must ask? Who indeed…


All I can say is that the whole thing was rather boring and unrevelatory. I enjoy hearing from the people involved, but I thought this particular forum was disappointing.

Greenwald has made them look far worse by giving them the rope to hang themselves with every step of the way than they would have had the documents simply been made public all at once.

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Yes, plus the fact that Greenwald is curating the documents to remove potentially damaging information, such as specific tactical info, names, etc. Like what WikiLeaks is doing. The enormity of that work shouldn’t be overlooked. It takes hours and hours.

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You’re talking about the second commenter. If yes, you deserve my like.

Protip: some websites do this because it drives up view numbers, but at least if you run chrome you’ll get a handy little icon on your tab showing you which one is making the noise.

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