NSA dumps docs about its Snowden response, reveals that Snowden repeatedly raised alarms about spying

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2013: It's treason!
2014: Maybe not, but it was reckless
2015: Still, technically it was unlawful
2016: It was a public service but

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) May 30, 2016

2016 1/2: Well, fuck me. Sorry, everyone.


Snowden has received assurances from the US government that if he turns himself in, he won’t be tortured…


… which is a marked improvement over earlier assurances that he would not be subjected to “cruel” or “unusual” punishments.


I’m shocked. “Proper” channels didn’t work?



What’s messed up is that this is the least part of the story. We still haven’t scratched the surface of the things Snowden revealed. Instead we end up talking about the man.


and he tried to avoid that for most of the first year but eventually gave up and now uses his notoriety for public speaking (which I approve of) on these issues.


The plan to keep the spotlight off him and on the issues was a noble one; but since basically everyone else refused to cooperate, it’s hard to blame him for choosing ‘use spotlight on me to talk about the issues’ as the next best alternative. He certainly did try to avoid it coming to that, though.


Not only did they not work; up until now they didn’t work and then denied that he had ever tried them. Classy.

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I don’t get it - I’ve read the Vice article, and as far as I can see, the docs the NSA dumped do not do what the headline claims. Snowden may well have raised his concerns about spying, but the article doesn’t show that. It spends 11,000 words describing one single email that Snowden sent asking a general question about executive orders, and that’s the only email the NSA could find from Snowden remotely related to the law.

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