Snowden: US lets NSA liars go; stops at nothing to bust those who tell the truth


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Yes, but we are doing that because they are jealous of our freedom.

Does it bother anyone else that the physical embodiment of the Integrity Award is a shaft, i.e your reward is to be given the shaft? No one? Just me then.

I’ve stopped caring what Snowden has to say, thank you kindly.

That’s too bad, because he is one of the people saying things that are worth our attention. We are watching our freedoms circle the drain. THAT is what we should all be terrified of these days.


Is this the latest strategy? Put him and his actions into the old news basket?


Not enough to not say that you don’t care, apparently. I’m amazed by all the people who keep telling us over and over again that they don’t care about Snowden. I would think that if you didn’t care about Snowden then you would have rather gone to the zombies vs. wildlife thread.


I care that he’s still promoting himself and/or being promoted as a distraction from real issues. Including those he claims to care about.

Bah! The only people that have been talking more about him than the spying have been those who want to jail him. He has kept a low profile and only given very sparse media interviews. The reason people focus on him is a distraction. It is meant to villainize him as a traitor instead of acknowledging the vast violation of rights caused by government spying.

I would say that Snowden has been phenomenally restrained in how he has, as you call it, “promoted himself”. The only time that he brought attention on himself was when he admitted that he was the leaker. Everything else has been due to the way the government has reacted. They have done everything to smear him as a traitor. Sadly it appears that you have bought into their propaganda.


That’s one thing he really hasn’t done is self-promotion. This isn’t Julian Assange here.


I wish he would release all of his data. He was purported to have various amounts; The laptops were an obvious bullshit device (a techie carrys 4 laptops insteads of 40 hard drives? or 400 flash drives? Uhhh, yeah, that seems likely).

I really would like him to remove himself from the equation now via 100% disclosure - here’s the data, there ain’t no more. The progressive release of information may have a purpose for him, but for his stated purpose not so much.

Releasing through the newspapers is the proper way this should happen. I think the Guardian has done an exceptional job so far. It is controlled, it enables journalists to properly investigate the material prior to publication, and it prevents damage to national security. The last one is the key: nothing Snowden has done so far has damaged national security. If he were to release information that actually damaged national security, then he would be discredited and the government would have the upper hand in shutting down a debate about surveillance. Only by carefully releasing the information through the press, where it can be carefully analyzed for damage and where journalists can interview all parties, is the significance of the surveillance revealed.


He will be so upset when he hears that.


As we, you.

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Citizens! You must understand that our culture of impunity at the highest levels is a necessary sacrifice for your security!

As it is said, ‘the fish rots from the head’. And, unfortunately, the great fish of our republic is starting to smell a trifle odd. We, however, would never let the terrible fate of rotting befall you and your loved ones. To that end, we have done our best to provide complete and total impunity to everyone who makes up the head. This should arrest any further spread of decay and allow the great fish of the republic to swim on in triumph and security!

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I kind of wish he would too, but this is actually probably necessary to end up having the discussion this deserves.

If he had released it all in one big dump, it would have spent a week or two in the press and be a distant memory.

As it is, Greenwald (I suspect more than Snowden it’s Greenwald managing the publication - it’s his field of expertise after all) releases data, NSA flaks come up with stories and denials and lies, he releases the data that best proves they’re lying, they lie some more, etc. Keeps them on their back foot. If there had been one data dump, the NSA folks would have been on the offensive for a month now.


I understand what Snowden is saying and all…but does he have to say it from Russia? That’s not really helping his case much.

Exactly. Uncle would like nothing more that to get this over with and get Snowden off the front page for more than a couple of days. The public could then become distracted by something else, their indignation would soon fade, and business could get back to normal.

…but does he have to say it from Russia? That’s not really helping his case much.

Since the choices he seems to be given are saying it from Russia or not being allowed to say anything publicly while staying at a high security prison, not allowed to wear cloths, not allowed human interaction, the lights on 24/7, etc… I can fully understand why he chose Russia.

I do agree it would be great if he could have stayed in the U.S., been allowed to live like a human and talk to people.


Maybe we should ask one ‘Manning’ about the wisdom of speaking truth to power closer to home?

How is it that “Why can’t he antagonize ruthless and powerful intelligence agencies while totally at their mercy?” is even a question?