Radio interview with Washington Post's Barton Gellman on Snowden NSA leaks



I love driveway moments.


That was a great article. I loved this quote: ***“increasingly we are living behind one-way mirrors in which the government knows more and more about us and we know less and less about what the government is doing”***.

However, this, "I see no evidence that the government is assembling these tools in order to spy on political opponents or corruptly to serve some private interest" is debatable considering the information released about the NSA spying on Brazil’s state oil company Petrobras and other corporate targets.

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Xeni & Terri Gross, both masters of the short hair look. :+1: :sunglasses:

I listened to this one three times, once during the initial broadcast, once during the rebroadcast last night (during a long walk … love that!) and again online this morning. There’s a lot chew on here. For example, Gellman said that Snowden believed that if Snowden were to become a “single point of failure” for the transmission of classified material (i.e., if he were the only one to have it) Snowden would be at great risk of being rubbed out. Snowden’s been correct in most or even all of his assertions so far (Mike Rogers’s and Saxby Chambliss’s made-up denials notwithstanding).

It’s also fun to listen to how Terry says goodbye at the end of the interview and try to parse out what that says about her relationship with the interviewee. She was warm enough to Gellman here, but couldn’t quite wish him good luck. (Her interviews with Gene Simmons and Hugh Hefner are among my favorites because the sign-offs were so hilariously … not warm.)

The NSA’s packet capture ability is established. Will a future disclosure reveal packet creation, insertion, replacement and blocking?

As I was listening to this interview I was also reading an article on the heliopause, and it hit me – Terry’s been doing Ffffresssh Air for longer than Voyager I has been flying…wow!

She’s just a couple of years older than me and the only things I’ve managed to do for that long are wear socks and smoke cigarettes; FML.

You should put those quotes in “quotes” instead of bolding them. It took me a while to understand what what going on there in your post.

In an interview I read elsewhere:

“What he said he wanted was for us to use our own judgment and to make sure that his bias was kept out of it so that we could make our own judgment about what was newsworthy and important for the public to know,” Gellman added. “And he said we should also consider how to avoid harm.”

Yet, many dolts still continue to disparage Snowden. I guess some idiots will never understand nor respect what it takes to be an American patriot.

Obama needs to pardon/absolve Snowden from any charges and allow this American hero to come back home where he belongs where we can throw him a parade.

Yeah, I wondered if there would be a problem understanding. Edited.

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I think part of the problem is that the narrative by the major main stream news organizations doesn’t stress Snowden’s concern of mitigating harm. How many people, in general, read or listen to NPR or read Greenwald? A lot of the public gets information in bullet points. They hear politicians calling him a traitor, and then that word is stuck in their heads as fact or evidence.

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