Guardian multimedia feature, 'NSA files decoded: Edward Snowden's surveillance revelations explained'


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Wow. Interesting site design. I like the frameless video, although I wish they hadn’t used such a wide lens. On the big starting portraits, it makes people’s faces look fat and distorted and a bit in-your-face, like they are all close talkers.

Do you think Stewart Baker is aware of how off-topic his argument is? The Snowdenian topic concerns the secret powers NSA/GCHQ have. Metaphorically - how deep is the sandbox the NSA gets to play in. Baker’s suggesting we can’t be told about every grain of sand, so we can’t be told the dimensions of the sandbox. Is this a programmed PR tactic? Or just a run of the mill lapse in logic?

I retract the question. Next clip he says he can’t prove his rock repels tigers, but he can prove that when we don’t have a tiger repelling rock, 3 thousand of people die.

I hate the site design. It is so unwieldy and non-standard I can’t get a solid look at any of the videos. I’ll keep trying and maybe I’ll be able to come back with the ability to say something meaningful about the content.

Agreed. I forced myself through part I and it was good stuff, but I had to keep my hands off the mouse, for fear of clicking something active. Every frekin thing on the page is active! I would love to read a text-only version.

I can’t even get into it. Video starts and stops and then it all just stops. There’s probably some really good stuff in there.

On a 30" monitor with a good connection it is stunning! The content, the visuals, the narrative.

I’m very glad the Guardian is living up to their name (in the face of Cameron’s threats)

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I’ve got it in full screen on my tv. Looks amazing that way, though some of the small print explainers are really small.

And the content is really excellent. Perfect explainer for people who haven’t been getting it so far. In my experience that’s the huge majority,

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