Goat Simulator trailer released


Those people seem amazingly oblivious to a goat running around knocking them down with an axe attached to its tongue.

The Arkansas level is unbalanced and way too hard.

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Wow, somebody remade The Amazing Frog with a goat!
(If you haven’t played The Amazing Frog, get on that.)

“Download now on Ouya”

Well, that probably explains a lot…

WTF? 56 and now trying to be more descriptive.

I thought the developer said this was fake. Are they actually going to make it now that it went viral?


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No serious Goat sim fan will get this, it looks waaaaay too arcadey.


That video should come with a trigger warning. My dad was killed by an axe-weilding goat with an adhesive prehensile tongue.


Maybe it turns out to be a puzzler as good as Portal.With goats. I want to live in that world.

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The Tin Can is a Lie!

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