WATCH: Crazy sheep that runs and attacks many people


Goat’s just pissed off that people are calling him a sheep. Can you blame him?


Isn’t it hilarious when aggravated animals act out? Lots of LOLs there

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(Focus groups determined changing the goat to a sheep would sell more tickets)

At 1:23, goat goes after officer who has a gun. Officer does not shoot goat. How is this possible?


Simple – it was filmed outside the good ol’ USA.


That there sheepgoat is an asshole.


Not in the US?

Judging from the Brazilian-spec cars, license plates, police uniform and, well, language, I want to say not in the US. Citation needed and all that.

These guys are not very good at goat kicking, are they? I’ll wait for the inevitable Street Fighter-themed remix.

You don’t even need any of that. Just the fact that a domestic animal looked cross-eyed at a cop and didn’t get shot tells you that it’s not in the US.

Forget it Jake. It’s not-in-the-USAtown.

I saw that fist the other day

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I thought it was the trailer for Borat II: Day of Reckoning.

I don’t think I would feel too bad slitting that thing’s throat. After it headbutted me of course. I have a history with goats. The only good goat is a goat wrapped in pita on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes and drizzled with tzatziki and crumbled feta.

I work on a farm. Many, many sheep are assholes, and some breeds are nearly as annoying as goats (not AS annoying obviously because, well, goats. Canny bad though).

Have you ever tried to kick a goat?

Fortunately, I’ve been privileged enough to never find myself in the sort of situation where goat-kicking seems like the best course of action. “How about no” is my default stance on kicking goats, for now.

Why you ask? Got any tips?

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Honestly? Climb a tree. That way you can kick downwards. ‘How about no’ is a good phrase vis-a-vis goats, in my opinion.

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Thank you! That was inevitable. But why leave out the cop, I wonder? That was a solid two-hit combo right there.

Also, canny use of the Guile Theme Goes With Everything strategy. Blanka’s wouldn’t work as well.