Dog nervous but unruffled as odd goat licks it


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Goat: Hillary’s e-mails!

Dog: Yes. OK.

Goat: Thirty-five thousand EEEE-MAAAIIILLLLSSS

Dog: Are you still here?


That’s just how Trump kissed Miss America. Dog’s like “just take the damn picture already.”


Dog is like “Joke’s on you. I was just rolling around in your pile of crap over der.”


“mmm…tasty, tasty dog”


When you’re in the wrong 'hood, and you just don’t give a f***.


At least the goat wasn’t dressed as a clown.


Dog’s like “thats some of the most lame ass back scratching ever.”


Is it possible for an entire species to be considered clinically insane? That’s a generalization I think I’m willing to apply to goats.


I think the goat was still feeling the Novocaine.


C’mon, guys: be nice. IRL goats get along just fine with dogs.




That floppy tongue, man. So cute, and so funny.


C’mon baby, I just ate some tic-tacs.


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