Watch: Goat and coyote play. Goat thinks coyote is its friend


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What kind of hippie freak show videos are you hosting here?


Those pelts on the wall…are they from previous pet coyotes?


That coyote is having a hell of a lot of fun. He’s also frighteningly agile.

As long as they aren’t eating your pets, coyotes are awesome:


Who keeps a coyote as a pet?


Is it even legal?

Does keeping a wild animal in your house raise your insurance rates?

Does the typical veterinarian treat coyotes?

Why did we domesticate dogs if coyotes can be house pets?


my first thought was “these assholes are torturing that poor dog”… then I noticed the wall and was convinced of it.


Having recently worked in the business, yes. Any exotic pets give insurance companies the heebs, for obvious reasons. Even that cute, sweet pitty that would never hurt a fly.


Those are the last Coyotes that jumped on the couch…

Also - no matter how dog-like they look, coyotes and wolves don’t make good pets.


Hey, maybe they are friends. Maybe the coyote has been raised to view the goat as part of it’s family. Buuuut…coyotes are known to be sociopathic, luring domesticated animals to their doom with simulated friendliness.


Nope. They sure don’t. But exotic/wildlife vets may (and I’d be VERY selective about treating potentially dangerous wildlife pets)[the decision would be as much about the person’s mental state as the tameness of the pet itself…].


and goats are known to head butt the life out of predators like coyotes. the coyote pelts on the wall are enough to show that this is a little bit of animal torture.

not quite as bad as putting the dog in a room with a donkey… but still a lethal fight for the dog.


Not to mention what they try to do to other wildlife…


I am intensely curious how they keep the floors clean and scratch-free.


Maybe they wax regularly, or use some sort of expensive polymer coating?


But the blood spray, man! The blood spray! :umbrella:


Looks more like Coyote thinks it’s a goat


I, too, wonder how the floors are kept clean. A coyote maybe, but can you house train a goat (or pigs) ?


In all seriousness, keeping a wide-ranging coyote cooped up inside a house is animal torture. The reason that coyote is bouncing off the walls is because it evolved to be roaming around 10+ square miles, and now it’s confined inside two thousand square feet.

Just one of many reasons not to try to keep a wild animal as a pet.


“Daily Coyote” is a blog by a woman who keeps a hand-raised tame coyote as a pet. I’m reading her book about the experience. Beyond the vet’s feelings, she writes about how the stress of a office visit would be hell on the animal. Her boyfriend is a rancher who knows enough veterinary stuff to deal with shots and stuff; when it came time to neuter the coyote (he was getting aggressive) they resorted to one of those rubber-band gadgets normally used to de-ball livestock.

I’ll venture that goat and a tamed, human-raised coyote could friends. Well within canine social parameters.


I hate to break it to everyone complaining about how this is evil animal abuse, but the people who started the domestication of dogs a. lived with wolves; b. hunted wolves. What is it about this particular “mismatched species friendship” video that’s making everyone so batshit paranoid? Are coyotes somehow exponentially more unreliable, wild and dangerous than tigers, owls, etc.? Is it because this living room doesn’t bear the imprimatur of an official animal refuge? I blame the funny, twisted fictional backstory in the post.