Rooftop goat confounds police, 'only respects one man'


Clearly, the goat follows the bushidō of the Confucian samurai.


‘Goat perfectly happy on roof; tells police to get bent’


The police were going to bring in a chupacabra but did not seem to be able to find one.

Goats are awesome. I remember seeing one most of the way up a tree once, middle of nowhere, nothing around the tree. To this day I suspect he teleported up there.

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Having living in Gresham, I’m surprised there isn’t more goat handling awareness there. The area butts right up against farming lands, so it’s not unheard of for people to own a goat. It’s got a weird mix of suburban sprawl and farming community, usually the farmers just get punted out but in Gresham they managed to mingle.

Other comments mention this area is next to farmland. Maybe that’s why the cops didn’t just shoot the thing and bill the owner for the bullet. That’s what they would have done in NYC.

And that man… is George Clooney.


Kids these days.


Police believe the goat climbed a ramp to get to his lofty position.

See, this leads me to believe that the goat was allowed on the roof, and what folks needed to be doing was minding their own business.


Goats are no laughing matter.

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He’ll come down when he gets hungry. You ever see a Goat skeleton on a roof?


Who knew Cormac McCarthy wrote goats.

This goat and/or its owner is obviously a Philip K. Dick fan with a particular fondness for Do Anfroids Dream of Electric Sheep and a desire to appear moderately wealthy.

Were you perhaps travelling in Morocco?


Or else that’s a metaphor and the Goat has fast-tracked it’s way to ‘lofty’ corporate success on the ‘ramp’ of cynical exploitation.

I beg to differ. That man is… Chuck Norris.

If such a malicious, black-hearted goat respects only one man, what sort of nightmarish abyss of a soul must that man have? Antichrist, thou art revealed!