Add to bucket list: run with baby goats


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Not sure if it’s intentional but you have a GIF of Alien alongside the goat GIF.


Cause quite an internal discussion too, let me tell you.


Who let the goats out! Baaa Baaa Maaa Baaaa


There is a local farm in south Overland Park KS, part of the KC metro area, where kids can see all kinds of farm and other animals. It is a living history place to a degree. But you can buy milk and feed baby goats. We were there at the end and all of them were at the corner of the yard bleating. I guess at closing time they open a gate and all these baby goats go running through a fence path to a bigger yard which has some solid food pellets for them. Very cute to watch them all run to it.


You win the internets today!


I think I’d be too busy squealing with joy like a three-year-old to run alongside the goats. Squeeee!


I can never see our Caprinae chums, even cute little ones like these, without hearing Christopher Lee’s sepulchral tones saying, “It is the Goat of Mendes… the Devil himself!”


Put some pajamas on these goats, and I am in!


How could BoingBoing advocate something so suicidal? Have you no respect for the value of human life at all?


Just in case you need some proper goat reference material…


Daaaaaaw, lookit da itty babby goatypoo wif da bleaty li’l smoocher ain’t it just da kyoooteyest…

Jebus, what the hell just happened to me?


I’ve herded African pygmy goats. Not exactly the same but still a lot of fun.



I’m thinking that being a goat must be fairly high up the reincarnation cycle; somewhere between human and cat.


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