Watch: Determined goat breaks into office by butting glass door until it shatters


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He breaks one, and then goes back for the second? What a butthead.


“Everybody had a good chuckle over it.”

Spoken like a man who is fully insured


You’ve got to be kidding me.


Gang initiation.


Goats. Sheep with attitude.


Something about that store really got his goat.


Goats are assholes.

“There’s a reason why cultures all over the planet use the goat as a symbol for Satan” (sic)–Spider Roberson “Variable Star”


The goat in this video did not break into the office.


Thank you. Damn sensationalist headlines. Unless the video was edited the goat did not go into the building.

Which, kinda makes him even more of an asshole.

If you’re going to break, not one, but TWO glass doors, are you not then obligated to come in? Even if it is just an couple of steps in, turn around, chew on a couch, shit on the floor and go. There are standards to be held and this goat flounts them.

Thanks, Donny.


wow, he really got your goat!


Kid achieves internet fame by not following through on breaking and entering…


That’s the kind of go-getter you want to hire!


I have met asshole goats who bite and butt and also very sweet goats who love to play fetch and cuddle. Do NOT turn your back on a goat, not even for one second. Or a ram. Or even some kinds of cows. You watch those suckers the entire time you are around them or you are paying for it with your tailbone.


This is happening local to me - my favorite part of the ongoing story is that the goats are still on the loose. It was a whole maurading gang of goats, and they haven’t yet identified who’s goats they are, or which farm the came from, or how they got out.


He’s a good kid. And he had a meeting. Nothing happened.



I think that the folks behind Goat Simulator are taking things to the next level. This is obviously a test run of some sort of virtual reality/goat bot remote control game.


:45s “my work here is done.”


I love there is a goat gang behind him. AWESOMESAUCE!