God damn you 2020

Surely there must be a supplement that provides those enzymes?

If not - sounds like a business opportunity!


I basically gave up.
I don’t think Nature intends for me to have alcohol.

It’s fine so far. And it works out better for people who depend on me. Imagine if you will someone who can’t keep even a single drink down, and who then has an enormous hangover regardless. That’s me.

Though such a lot of crap has happened in 2021 both on a personal level and looking more broadly at my own nation, perhaps it’s time I revisit the idea of sobriety.


There’s other options.


I’m sure he has no idea what you’re talking about… :grin:


My brother had one of those with the huge rag top. That’s pretty much what it looked like.


This gave me a flashback to an experience I once had at a TGI Friday’s. Went out for happy hour with co-workers who picked the place, and we sat in the back where the lighting was dim. I ordered a specialty cocktail from the menu - some new theme drink I’d never heard of before. My first sip seemed grainy - like it was made from a mix that wasn’t blended well. The second sip just seemed more bitter than sweet and still grainy.

So, I held the glass up to the light, and was horrified to see what looked like a suspension from chemistry class. I could see lipstick on the rim, as well as cigarette butts and liquids of various colors inside. Lucky for my co-workers, I have a strong stomach. :nauseated_face: The server and the manager both apologized. They didn’t bill me for anything, and offered me another “free” drink - which I declined.

I was told they made a practice of pouring what was left in other glasses at the bar into a large one, and I was served that one by mistake. Never went in there again, and told that story often to people who talked about eating there.


That’s TGIF’d Up.


No. Hell no. Sawdust on the floor, sticky gross college bar. Trying really hard not to think about… that other thing there… too awfully hard. :flushed:


That is the grossest bar story I’ve ever heard, and I worked in bars and restaurants for a looong time. :nauseated_face:
Not really gross, but the most surreal bar story I ever heard was when my friend flew herself up to Chicago to see the Cubs play for her 21st. She was out at some city bar that had free shelled peanuts, and by the end of the night the floor was littered with the shells. At last call the guy she’d befriended discovered he’d lost his prosthetic fingertip sometime during their conversation, and the night ended with them scrounging through the peanut shells while workers are putting up chairs and starting to sweep up, looking for the fingertip, which was the exact size and color of a peanut shell.
The whole time she was telling this I kept waiting for the part when the guy admitted he was punking her, but nope, all real.


I don’t believe violence solves problems, but if he had been punking her, I would make a pointed exception.


hee hee! ISWYDT


as a person wearing a prosthetic lower limb, I can be a real kick in the pants when something’s afoot!



Holy crap that is a terrible terrifying story.

That is so very wrong.

I am not a litigious person and have never been, but ye gods my fingers would be dialing a lawyer, ANY LAWYER, before the manager could draw a second breath.

J. F. C.

Also: I hate franchised bars, restaurants, etc. I have gone out of my way to avoid them. Way out of my way. Like, to the next town, an hour’s drive, in the middle of nowhere, Arizona. Standards. I know I’m impossible.

I get it you were with a group and the decision was not yours to make. But day-um.


Man, now I feel like a snob drinking my single-bottle-source beer.


While Old Town was their original location, the 2725 N Clark location was about a mile south of Wrigley Field and is probably where your friend had her evening-from-hell (after an afternoon-from-hell watching the Cubs lose).


Holy Jesus… Ugh.


Yeah, working summer nights in a brewery, processing the returned cases, frequently those glasses would be “accidentally” dropped into a case of beer empties. After the part of the line where the bottles were lifted out, that glass would drop out in the chute that dumped the case upside down. Feh!

Very rarely, it would be the other glass, with a load of tips.


Speaking as a former Chicagoan, watching the Cubbies lose is ok and it’s traditional (seasons 2015-2019 notwithstanding).

There’s probably old fans of Da Cubs who’d die of heart attacks if it turned out they were just another boring ol’ winning-all-the-time, year after year, club. Pfff!