God-Man vs. the Menace of Ooze!


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the omnipotent superhero God-Man must rescue reporter Mary May from the villainous Ooze! Or must he??


God-Man vs tRump coming soon.


Just…let me see if I have this right…

Good thing happens to faithful christian: God’s reward for faith.
Bad thing happens to faithful christian: God’s will and “plan” for them.
Good thing happens to non-christian: It’s the devil’s influence.
Bad thing happens to non-christian: God is punishing them.

Have I got that flow right? I feel like I need a powerpoint process flow to follow this. Can someone get on that? Don’t use the pastel color palette please. kthnxbye.


Well I can’t blame God-Man for that. I feel the same way.

Yes, I’d be a lousy superhero.


Supposedly placebos work even when you know they are placebos, but dulling a headache is very different than curing cancer. Belief in God-Man might help you with everyday stress, but it won’t save you from a vat of acid.




GodMan, why have you forsaken me?!?

Oh…right. I abandoned you first.


This is why I believe in Saves Me From Tubs Of Acid Person.

Well, mostly because I like my superheroes to be gender neutral, but, you know, saving me from a giant tub of acid is kind of a nice bonus.


God-Man lives in the gaps, and tRump’s head is a huge one, the biggest!


Has anyone done a clinical trial on that?


This is another vintage strip from the days of yore. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The everlasting God-Man will not grow tired or weary, and so on.


What’s the LD50 for a vat of toxic waste?


“I hope you like acid!”

Why yes, yes I do.



Hero? God-Man is kind of a dick.


You must believe in a lot of superheroes.


Well, at least according to the old testament, he sure seems to be…

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