TOM THE DANCING BUG: God-Man and His Faithful Sidekick, Fan-Boy!


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Next week: Fan-Boy brings in much needed funds by suing someone who assaulted him while he was protesting a soldier’s funeral!


It’s only natural that Fan Boy concentrates on the tasks that are the most enjoyable.

You get more votes by saying you’ll hurt someone than by saying you’ll help someone.


It might work out more like this in the end.


First time I have ever empathized with god-man, ever. I feel his pain.


So God-Man is consistently delivering a compassionate message and it’s simply that Fan-Boy is screwing up its implementation?

God-Man “got” to TTDB, I see…

Are you arguing that ‘God’, as in the root, abstract entity that serves as a basic, loosely defined framework for mysticism and religion, is actually genuinely to blame for the interpretation of its will and associated conduct by its professed followers?

Because if I’ve unpacked that correctly its a pretty dark cosmic overview!

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Well, in the context of TTDB, God-Man is not abstract or loosely defined at all; he’s a quite well-defined (and decent!) chap. TTDB’s God-Man is nothing like the angry and capricious deity that I’m familiar with from the Old Testament.

I can see your point, but I think the analogy has just gone trans-hyper-meta!

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