Going to be quiet for a while, busy rewriting the planet

So, a few people here are aware of a fairly radical business/community concept I’ve been working on for five years now, and suddenly I’ve gained a huge burst of momentum locally.

Since I haven’t had nearly as much luck getting this to click with the right people online (which is really sad and nobody can say I didn’t try!), and it’s suddenly become absurdly easy in-person, I’m going to be quiet for a while as we’re setting things in motion (the backup plans are complete and the box is bound).

I’m not ignoring anyone or anything! And I’ll be peeking in! It’s just that this is really important and can help a lot of people…so I have to prioritize and really dedicate myself to doing something that will do a lot of good in this world.

You’re all lovely and I’ll be back soon enough…and with presents! :wink:


You had me at “presents”. Oh, and at “rewriting the planet”. That sounds like a good idea.


Good luck!! Let me know if you need extra server capacity. (I don’t have a ton, but server capacity for a nerd is like a favorite blanket)


I recall you posting about this a while back. glad you are moving forward, it seemed pretty interesting.


Fuck yeah.


Please do keep us posted.


Well, it’s more ‘enabling people to make everything else irrelevant while doing useful stuff, with a mechanism to grow as fast as possible’, so more of a ‘step to the left’ thing than taking over. But it’s a fun description. :slight_smile:

Heh, will do! (and it is!)

Luckily I finally have the people who can put together a better explanation than I can!

You know it, dude. And you’re definitely among the first to get an invite! You’re still one of the first online people to grock the concept, and right when I needed it, too!

Will do!



And grr! Stupid Holidays!

We were on a roll and it’s like everyone broke for lunch. Apparently I’ve got to keep myself entertained for a couple of days until a couple of key players get back.

No presents yet, I fear!


Looking forward to updates, I don’t think I was really around here when you first introduced this concept but I’ve gone back and looked at it… holyshit it sounds genuis. I would love to eventually be involved in something like that. Hope everythings going well!


Thanks! Honestly most of the work has been making it comprehensible to people outside of a 1:1 conversation (which is different for everyone) so you grokking it right off is a huge plus. :slight_smile:

Interesting timing! I JUST got my baby startup kicked off (We’re going to have a booth at PAX in March!) and was in the process of deciding how I wanted to focus efforts for seed #2. I wouldn’t mind a fresh set of neurons on things if you’re interested!

Right now I’m waffling between

  • Creating a new completely independent seed company
  • Creating something that lynchpins with the current startup’s growth plans well (they make robots and one of the two co-founders (Amie) has a huge cosplay+etc following so it’d be a Nerdtopia type approach during phase 2)
  • Doing something to engage the ‘save the world’ crowd (Finally have an approach that should work…those guys have always been one of the biggest sources of energy and frustration…the psychology took some figuring out)
  • Something entirely different (yes, a grab-bag, but things are super flexible right now)

Meanwhile, the robot-making seed is also about to expand, and the’re diving into a HUGE soft spot in the consumer market that has tons of flexibility, so there’s also the quest to get them funding and/or resources to speed that process along.

So yeah, now’s a great time to expand the circle a bit! :slight_smile:

Hit me up here if you’re interested!

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