Post-scarcity hacker convention: !Con


This message is brought to you from the MAFIAA


This message brought to you by a shiftless hippie on your lawn, who isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, no matter how high a horse you climb on.


I try to give back to the community to make it, and hopefully communities beyond it a better place. I do this despite being disabled by fatigue, amongst other things. I have contributed towards getting a working hackspace in one of the most expensive places in the UK, and whilst other people have contributed far more than me I have tried my best.

How about you?

My dreams have kept me going when I had little hope of things getting better.

Se my comment about being called selfish. I give as much as I can, but this capitalist society seems to want more.

her, actually

Now if you are not a mouthpiece for the IP rights groups, then you seem to have an interest in keeping the status quo. As the current system is so broken both socialists and capitalists are complaining about it I would like to know what it is.


Back on topic, I actually like the ideas being suggested by !!Con. Not everything is an individualist competition which need winners and losers.


Post-scarcity hacker convention: !!Con


Talk about scarcity, the title at the top of this page shortchanged us out of one bang!

Post-scarcity hacker convention: !Con

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