Good deal on a 5-pack of Lightning Cable

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Because then they’d have to adhere to the USB-C standard, can’t just give preferred treatment to their own hardware, and cash in on the MFI brand. In short: because Apple are assholes.

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Because the USB-C connector isn’t mechanically as secure as the Lightning connector, which ‘snaps’ in to ensure constant contact. Also, a Lightning cable is a Lightning cable, with the same signal paths on any certified cable. There are different flavors of USB-C cables which look exactly the same but are quite different in function, the power-only cables probably being the most important variant that can affect the user. I wish they’d release Lightning as a standard. USB-C cables aren’t tight enough, and seem to lose connection from time to time.

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technically it’s Lightning on one end and USB A on the other. I’d categorize it as an adapter rather than a cable.

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