Google agreement every day - WTF is this about?

Why do I have to keep agreeing to Google’s terms? What’s going on?

Hello duckduckgo!


Besides which Google is squeezing everything into a paid warpzone.

I had harrassment yesterday trying to buy some muscle relaxant massage oil (nudge nudge wink wink - ok not really don’t perv); and Google kept sending me to the same places and basically fencing me in with bullshit.

Duckduckgo just IMMEDIATELY showed me where to get it, for less.

Hello world?!?! Are we catching on?!?!

Google is enforcing market segmentation - within economic free zones - which is … sickening really.


I haven’t been getting any terms agreements from google, but I mostly only use Google for gmail.

I assigned DDG as the default for my browser not long after I first heard of them, so several years now. I was using StartPage some before that. I think DDG is good. every once in a while I’ll resort to Google if I really feel like the result I want is out there but DDG or SP aren’t returning it. This is very infrequent, though (then again, my day-to-day searching doesn’t tend to be very complex, I don’t reckon.)

However, I end up using Google for searches anyway since probably half of my searches are for images. The image search on SP and DDG never seemed very good when I first started using them (it could have improved since then?) But I love that I can type !i at the end of my URL-bar default search and DDG directs it to Google image, so that’s my method. I used to use the Do Not Track firefox add-on and it seemed to work pretty well but FF no longer supports it, or “verifies” it, or something. I think FF says they’ve got some kind of tracking blocker on the newer FF updates but I can’t remember anymore. Lately I’m getting some youtube recommendations that aren’t on-topic but always show up. that never used to happen and I attributed that to Do Not Track but I’m not savvy about this stuff like many of y’all.

I’m not sure how well Google “knows” me right now because I’m at least trying to throw it off my scent due to the aforementioned, and also because I don’t see any ads they are targeting at me due to AdBlock. But, I use Gmail and obviously I view/search youtube a lot like everyone, so I guess I still must be pretty visible? I honestly don’t know.

how are you FF users customizing these days? Do I still need something to break tracking or is it really included now?

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What terms for what?

I never see anything like this.

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Well, I’m dialling in from the UK. Google keeps popping up this bloody EULA on using Google.

Sound odd?

maybe related to the end of safe harbor? if they collect “ok” clicks from users it could help them to store the data legally in the US, even when no new treaty will be established

I’ll post what I see next time I get it. It’s intrusive and surveilling-ish!

I’ve only ever seen that over Tor when Google things that the user might be a bot or something.

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