Google employees arrested and fired after sit-in protest

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Anyone else remember when “don’t be evil” was Google’s slogan?


US tech firms are pretty much all embedded in the Israeli military complex. Dissent suggesting that Palestinians are humans and deserving of human rights is ruthlessly purged in the US tech sector.

Because of course parties who are part of rhe israeli government coalition hold that Palestinians don’t have human rights because they are not human according to Jewish law.

I am not making that up.


No you know why they go rid of that slogan. “Don’t be evil” doesn’t pay as well, and it’s all about the money in our plutocratic oligarchy.

I miss the old days when the “United” States meant more than it does today.


That has always been just a catchphrase, nothing more. A cheap gimmick, if you will.


That was a different timeline.

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I’m guessing it’s even simpler than that - or rather it’s also simpler than that. Tech firms hold that Palestinians don’t have human rights because they don’t have capital.

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