Former Google exec says he was pushed out after he lobbied for human rights program

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This should come as small surprise. Sundar Pichai cut his teeth working at McKinsey & Company, whose scorched earth modus operandi we’ve discussed at length.


Of course. In big business, anyone openly in favor of human rights has to be, must be, irrevocably anti-business and anathema to the bottom line, i.e., CEOs’ own personal interests.


Google must be broken up. Amazon must be broken up. Facebook must be terminated completely and its officers, board, and executives prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Then bulldoze its buildings and sow the land with salt.


I switched my browser default to DuckDuckGo after reading that Google funds climate denier groups. It has essentially all the same function, better image search, plus as a bonus I avoid the creepy tracking that google would do. Would recommend.


“Don’t be evil” was never more than a flippant statement to which they had no intention of adhering. They’re a giant, privacy-invading, rent-seeking monopolist.


Perhaps not coincidentally, between April and May of 2018:


Have you ever used Ecosia? They use the profits from search results to plant trees.


Good netizens in 2020:

  1. Install uBlock Origin
  2. Contact web sites they see using third-party scripts, and point it out

The tone should be:

You are probably not aware of this, but …

since the decision makers probably don’t, but the IT folks who put it in there probably do.

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It seems like “Don’t be Evil” was more in the vein of a warrant canary. And to be fair, it served its purpose.

It’s occurred to me before that if you’re an ethical person starting an online business, a good plan would be to, like, put ironclad language in your user agreement that says you owe each user $5,000 if you or your successor ever sells their data. It’s easy to commit to principles before some evil investor corrupts you with sacks of cash, and a poison pill like that would make sure that they never even try.

PS wasn’t that former Google exec in the cheesy 80s Thatcherite detective show Dempsey and Makepeace?


I read the headline and first paragraph/tweet but gave up soon after. I’d like to know the details of this story but the random stream-of-consciousness tweet-copying, that Xeni thinks passes for writing up a story these days, is almost purposely designed to disrupt comprehension. It is certainly not a narrative, whatever she thinks about assembling a series of tweets to try to tell a story. Massive fail for this ‘reader’.
I’ll go elsewhere for this news.
ETA Tried again. Seems many of the copied tweets are reactions from other people I’ve never heard of, many repeating the original tweet(s) (and their pictures). This makes a complete mess from a reading - and visual - point of view and if I wanted to know what a random selection of complete strangers were saying about this, well, I’d be on twitter.


Pushing human rights activists and union organisers out, hiring former DHS managers – a tech company is nothing without its people and their talents, and Google is choosing its path.


Long since chosen, I suspect.

(PS You’ve changed. You’re not the same you any more!) :wink:

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