Google Has Become Ground Zero for the Culture Wars


Pro-diversity employees say that their messages on internal Google forums have also been photographed and shared outside the company, leading to their publication on far-right platforms like Vox Popoli and Breitbart. […] Each time their comments are posted, Google employees said, they experience a “wave of harassment” on forums like 4chan and Kiwi Farms […] At least three Googlers have reportedly had their personal information posted to such sites, whose users regularly employ violent threats.

I have plenty of colleagues where I work whom I feel have utterly abhorrent political views. I know this, because they are often more than happy to talk about them (whether I’m interested in hearing them or not).

Still, I can’t imagine ever taking their personal info and putting it up on 4chan all but ensuring they will get doxxed.


I hope Google can use that data mining power to find the employees posting the info and fire their asses with prejudice.


Here’s hoping. But the takeaway I got from this article (and others like it) that the current enforcement is more along the lines of managers being about as forceful as Mr Mackey kindly saying, “c’mon you guys, m’kay, please stop that, m’kay?”.


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Doesn’t matter if you can imagine it. They can imagine it.


Presumably because you’re not a narcissistic sociopath…


Maybe they need a different Mr Mackey as a role model?

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