Ex-Google recruiter: I was fired for opposing hiring caps on white, Asian male

The saga of Google’s civil war between the old guard libertarian and the equity factions is a long and storied one. First it was James Damore who was sacked after creating a hostile workplace thanks to his poorly-written pro-patriarchy paper. Then it was Chevalier, sacked after fighting back against Damore stans.

In todays news, a recruiter says they were terminated for hiring too many white bros.


The only way we’ll have an inclusive workplace is we fight for it. If recruiters say they can’t find qualified women, they aren’t looking in the right places. Evolve or die.

Edit to add:
The Reg’s comment section is an irredeemable echo chamber: successful white men whinging that they’re being persecuted and marginalized. Willing to profit from an unfair system, claiming they want inclusivity, but against any methods of increasing inclusivity: Wypipo 2018.
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The Asian ones, presumably, are quiet?

fired while opposing them sure can seem like fired for opposing them.

i once got fired while being kinder and smarter and in one instance more competent than my boss, but its not what i got fired for. i got fired for saying so.

she wasnt wrong to show me the door to her business, which wasnt mine to mind any longer.

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