Study interviews 60 women of color in STEM, finds 100% have experienced gender bias

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As a systems engineer I can tell you that STEM work culture is completely screwed up. I work with guys that act like children on the play ground. They make working with them undesirable for anyone. I can’t imagine what it would be like for female engineers and scientists.


I’ve always worked with all men on my team, and the longer I go the more I see them putting work over their outside of work life. My wife, thankfully, has found an employer who doesn’t have this issue that bad. She’s had career growth during her pregnancy and maternity, and anyone reported for pushing stereotypes is investigated seriously and can face serious consequence.

It probably also explains why she has an happy and diverse office. At this point the only real barriers to her career are not the primarily male management chain who have been pushing the policies to promote performance and creativity regardless or gender/race/orientation, but the female managers who push their own brand of “one of us” or “you’re not normal” sexism against her.


In other news, guess what bears do in the woods?


A small aside: this is one of the main reasons I really love the Curious George TV show reboot from a few years back: The show’s alpha nerd is a woman of color that all the doddering old white men often look towards for collaboration and help.


Why do you people hate men? It’s obviously just 60 coincidences. Also something about bootstraps.


It’s the white men’s world. They feel comfortable only in other white men’s company. They are the majority.

100% seems like a shockingly low rate.


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