Google login gone

I’m not sure exactly how Discourse was handling my account here, but I was notified I could no longer sign in through google with the auth type discourse was attempting to use.

I ended up having to reset my password here separately. (after resetting it on discourse itself)


Yes, this is something that I mentioned to @beschizza, ideally Google logins should be associated with the official Boing Boing Google+ account. There is a bit of configuration work necessary.

(Google recently turned off the old method of auth in favor of a new one, it just needs a bit of configuration.)

Everyone is clearly busy, so I might just associate it with our Google+ account to save time.


It would be nice if this was addressed…

I was locked out of bbs for days before I realized I could reset my google login credentials for this site only.

OK I went ahead and set up Google logins on our Google+ account for now, cc: @beschizza @xeni

Can you give it a try Colin and see if it works?

Worked fine for me.

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Works now. Thanks.

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