Google Maps promises to stop racist trolls messing with maps—but how?

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Well I’m of two minds. Racism isn’t cool, but trolling Google is priceless. Couldn’t they screw with the maps in a more creative way?

So, I guess the question becomes, why is a blacklist of offensive terms a bad idea to implement?

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Google’s algorithm is driven by people actually calling the white house the nigger house online. Given how pervasive the idea is among white conservatives that we live in a post-racist world, I’m not sure that whitewashing over the racism that caused the issue is the right solution.

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It’s the crude, uncreative people who ruin it for everybody. Graffiti, in general, that is done tastefully and creatively, as often seen on BB, may endure and inspire creativity in others. Graffiti that is done crudely and obnoxiously is treated as vandalism and removed, and results in more restrictions and less fun for everybody.

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This is why we can’t have nice things :disappointed:

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I’d rather get rid of fun easter eggs in the interest of using a product in the way I need it and without being “trolled” by Stormfronters or your average email-forwarding local GOP politician.

I’ve never noticed anything like this in Open Street Maps and I wonder if it’s because I don’t use racist search terms, or the smaller community-oriented user base, out if they have a system to prevent this?

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