Google patents an adhesive that sticks pedestrians to cars that hit them


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Filing a patent is nice, but I want to see testing of the prototype!


Pah! Back in my day, we’d hang on to the hood all on our own!


Carmageddon: old and busted.

Caramari Damacy: new hotness.


I’m amused by the prospect of self-driving cars pootling around our cities blissfully unaware they have pedestrians stuck all over the hood.


Can you imagine hitting a deer or other animals on the road and have them get stuck to the front of your car?


OK so when i finally lose it I now know what i will be doing.


Bad news for hit and run drivers…


Google patents an adhesive

Is it biodegradable?


I find something very nice and surreal about the use of the word “scenery” in that context.

I’m imagining a character in a loud suit flying slowly into some over-saturated cardboard cut-out shrubs.


Stock feature on the next VW “Bug”


It’s too bad that Rob Ford couldn’t test this technology…

Not only would it have been safer for the councillors and camera crew he ran into, but it would soon look like Katamari Damacy - Rob Ford Edition.


I just filed my patent for a giant wiper that will dislodge the pedestrian and then rinse any unfortunate excretions from the hood of the car.


Yeah, he’s dead. Makes it a bit tough!


Rob Ford is dead?




We should probably start a thread about it…


Or looking out a window of your house and seeing an alley cat stuck there.

Or the football that belongs (or used to belong) to the kid next door.


Thanks for the ride, lady!