Google Pixel 8a comes in abandoned house bathroom green

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I would love this camera— w/o the AI features.


They seem to be making a very big deal of this green colour in their marketing. Do they not realise everyone is going to cover it with a protective case as soon as they take it out of the box?


Ah AI cameras. I love them. One of them on a rival fruit themed phone just melded me and my Pomeranian in a selfie on the patio. I have a fetching orange furred forearm….


Unfortunately, you need eleventy fingers to operate it.


Ein Traum in popelgrün!

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I just want a shorter form factor with as good of a camera as the P7Pro. I miss my P5 size!

AI, tho…le sigh. So tired of everything trying to predict what I (don’t) want.


This phone is the same color as my first car, a 1961 Chevy Bel Aire. I bought it for $75 from a mechanic who worked for my dad.

Also, too. We have a powder room in our house, built in 1945, that has wall tiles just a shade darker than this. I wanted to gut it, but my wife wanted it restored to its 1945 glory. Guess who won that one.


That color appears to be ‘seafoam green’, popular in the color iteration just before Harvest Gold et. al. along with pink and aqua. I worked for a while at Delco Air, and the color was called ‘Frigidaire green’ in honor of Delco’s predecessor.


Google is calling it “aloe.”

It’s also available in “obsidian” (black), “porcelain” (tan), and “bay” (light blue).


Would your case be clear yellow ombre? Or maybe decrepit brickwork and kudzu? Can I encourage you to get over-edge infaced solar (on your phone back?)

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Now there is a combination of camera and onboard storage capacity that can only be explained by a vendor with an eye on their cloud services numbers…

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The Pixel 6a came in a slightly more muted green, which still looks like a bathroom tile:
Although the top strip is a lighter colour for some reason?
I’ve never bothered with a phone case, and never managed to break one either.

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