Google's Pixelphone leaked, is just another boring phone


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They should have done something revolutionary like remove a features used by pretty much everyone who owns one and force them to adopted different techonlogy.

I know, remove the battery. That would reduce the weight and size. You can just connect it to a convenient external battery pack which is large enough to power it all day while you play Pokemon Go.


Great work from the Subcommittee For Avoidance of Negative Reactions.


It looks just like all the other smartphones. Great

But can’t you see!? This phone has a Google ‘G’ on it!


If it does have an SD slot and is fairly easy to root I’d be interested. Not that I’m going to ve looking for another year or more but it looks good to me.


Also they’re going to be very expensive.


Of course, it’s boring. It’s a smartphone.

Almost as exciting as talking about a refrigerator. (Though CNET has been trying to make even those interesting lately. They have been quite amusing in their efforts though.)

When my flying car finally gets here, I MIGHT get excited. Till then, I’ll just keep trying to play my bagpipes.


All the Nexus phones bought straight from Google have an unlocked bootloader so you can run whatever 3rd party OS you want.

Google will probably continue making rooting more difficult on Android OS because it’s usually done by exploiting a security hole in Android which is a problem because anyone can exploit that same hole to install their own malware etc.



I’ll keep my Nexus6P because it took chances with it’s design


There is a certain form that happens to be what works for smartphones. I don’t see any major changes happening with that anytime soon.


Well, it is pretty much the form of a Galaxy S3 from 2012 but with the physical buttons removed from the bezel.


I just got a new refrigerator and I’ll have you know it’s surprisingly exciting.

Pornhub on a refrigerator in Home Depot

Not so, Gentleman! This one has pixels.


Well, you would say that. So many ordinary things must be exciting to you, since you’ve been playing it safe for so many months.


Play it*? Once I get these pyjamas off it, I’m gonna…


Aye. Sadly, slide out qwerty keyboards are most likely gone forever…


I’m hoping for some news about these maybe supporting Daydream (Google’s VR answer to Gear VR). The curren’t date for that is Fall 2016 so maybe there’s some news about that on their Oct 4th presentation.


Yeah, it does seem like a strange complaint, like saying that nobody has come up with a completely new, excitingly modern design for a piano keyboard or a shoebox lately. There’s not much you can do with a smartphone design that won’t make it bulkier, more cluttered, or more breakable. (I’m not even a fan of that clumsy sticking-out-the-back camera on the new iPhones: I like the perfectly smooth and sleek iPhone 5 design a lot more.)


I really liked the design of the 4. But I didn’t see any that weren’t either in a case or broken. The 6/6s/7 design is dull and the camera bump is ugly. But in a case it’s totally irrelevant (although I doubt Jobs would have let them release them looking like they do).

Apparently the next iPhone will be all glass again (according to internet rumour, at least).


But she’s got a new hat!