Giveaway Alert: Google Pixel XL Phone

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We’re rooting for you!

Really? You’ll root the phone for us?


::looks down at Nexus 6P as it vanishes from hand::


Exactly. I guess I’m short a phone now.


1440 by 2560 is pretty standard for 5.5 inch phones.

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You could save a lot of people some time if you put US Residents Only somewhere a bit more obvious.

Also, I have a Next 6 here so the bit about Google’s first smart phone is not credible.


To be fair, the Pixel is the first phone that Google designed themselves. With the Nexus line Google only had input during the last steps in design.

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What’s Facebook’s involvement in this? Just the registration and data collection and sharing?

Funny how when entering with your email address instead of Facebook login, it asks for a password without telling you that you need to generate a password (go ahead, reuse your Facebook PW), and it doesn’t do any of the usual verification like asking you to enter it twice. Not sure how or where you’d ever be able to use those login credentials. If they’re for login at all.

I’m considering getting my first Android phone since I’m getting tired of fighting Apple’s overly controlling maneuvers. On the off chance anyone’s still reading this thread, do Android folks think the Pixel is a good one to get? Must be rootable or whatever jailbreaking is called in the android universe.

No idea about the rooting on this phone, but rooting is less of an issue on a Google phone since you get the latest bloatware-free updates from Google.

So far the Pixel has gotten outstanding reviews for its camera, and solid ho hum for everything else. That is, the phone is priced kind of high and the production was apparently rushed - but, hey, at least they aren’t bursting into flames, right?

So, here’s the question, would you take one for free if you had to pay income tax on the full purchase price? Because Stack Social reports all winnings over the limit to the IRS, as they have to. I’d say, “yes”, this is no white elephant. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, this is a recurring lead generation/social media promotion tool for Stack Social and Stack Social affiliates, including Boing Boing. So the odds of winning are much, much smaller than if the contest was just for Boing Boing readers.

I wish there was some way to try it for a couple of months without buying.

Also, as is so often the case with Android, most of the reviews focus on specs. Goofy.

Ha yes. I just flew from NYC to SF and they made a full on announcement over the PA that you can’t fly with the Note. Oof!

‘AI-driven Cloud-First Smartphone’ must have seemed like unseemly redundancy at first, so when cut down it spoke less to the immersion branding notion.
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There are other universes.

Most of them are plainly terrible.


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