Android roundup



You are right, that is an amazing price. So much cheaper than the iPhone 6 off contract…

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Another sensationalist headline from BB, you should be ashamed of yourselves, making us think that human-resembling automatons are being rounded up in some kind of shadow conspiracy, when really all that happened was that some phones specs were publicly listed. Classic Beschizza!


“Android roundup” is a sensational headline?

Were you expecting a new smartphone-based Monsanto product or something?


Welp. Won’t be upgrading from a Nexus 5 any time soon at that price.

Wasn’t planning to anyway, to be honest, but still…

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New Monsanto GMO iCorn! It’s an iPhone and a Popcorn popper!*

*Guaranteed to totally not give you cancer and make you watch Dawson’s Creek repeatedly for no reason.

How difficult is to root them? Are the service manuals (and schematics) already leaked to the Net?


I didn’t upgrade from the 4, $649 isn’t making me want to upgrade either. I mean, mine is literally only 18 months old…

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Yowza. At that price, the OnePlus One is now definitely the undisputed champ in the “price vs performance” department, at least when it comes to high end phones.

The Note 4 is not one of “today’s new Android announcements.”

The Nexus tablets are deliberately trivially-easy to root. They are essentially stock Android, which is by design easy to root.


[quote=“HMSGoose, post:3, topic:43050, full:true”]
when really all that happened was that some phones specs were publicly listed. Classic Beschizza!
[/quote]This site DOES go completely batshit crazy when the newest iCrap or Mac comes out, so this is just being fair to both sides.

Like the Note 4, Google’s Nexus 6 also uses a Quad HD display, which means that text and images on the phone should still be really sharp, despite its large size.

How far we have come.


Good direction for VR applications. After the two decades of waiting, the time is finally here!

I prefer the term “artificial person” myself.

Ya, pretty click-baity…
I was hoping for a Westworld remake/sequel.
Boy was I steamed when I saw that it was just about some new gadgets


And to those whose hope is true, gifts often come…

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