Google returning AI nonsense in search highlights

Originally published at: Google search choked with AI-generated nonsense


Maybe we’re due for a milder version of the Butlerian Jihad except instead of banning all computers and replacing them with highly disciplined Mentats we just get rid of the search algorithms and go back to depending on human librarians.


I wouldn’t wish that job on anyone.


Google has, in the past couple of months, become more and more shitty and useless. I am increasingly moving my search uses to Duck Duck Go. I recommend others find alternate search portals as well, Google is effectively running themselves out of that market.


Wow, I just ran that search myself, and that nonsense is still the first thing returned. Holy crap.


The search result appears to have just been plagiarized from a r/teenagers post:

How does one cite reddit in a bibliography? Just curious… /s


Unfuckingbelievable, but hardly surprising.


no matrix math, no threaded processing, just one operation at a time according to logic coded by a human being

probably means no 3D video games but I’ll take it


If you can be flexible on the first part, I’m in.


Or something like this:

Or worse, the “Living Books” from Soylent Green.

Although we’re going to reach a point in the future when most people who weren’t adults by 2016 can’t be assumed to know how to distinguish fact from disinfo or AI hallucination.

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a few weeks ago (on, which I read by RSS, hah), There was a mention of kagi in a post on other google shenanigans: Google Changes Search Queries Without Telling You (to Sell You More Stuff)

Basically, it’s a clean, ad-free paid search (obviously with a privacy focus). I tried the free trial, and against all expectations I actually decided I wanted to pay for search rather than use google. I know it’s not going to really catch on beyond a niche (they seem aware also), but I have actually really liked the experience.

I have tried duckduckgo in the past, but it always seemed a bit wonky to me (like it was more sensitive to returning seo-trickster crap pages).

I basically only go to google now if I’m actually shopping for something specific and want to check the ‘shopping’ tab for prices (though even then, I haven’t found it useful lately). But, that kindof makes sense to me - google is all about trying to sell me something.

Well, that and maps. I would still miss that, but the search? nope.

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