Google Sheets' hidden Pride Easter egg

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Like, in the closet? :rainbow:


Disappointed that it doesn’t work on my phone.

If they can hide this, imagine what a malicious coder could hide.

Food for thought…

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This would have been a lot more countercultural 20 years ago.

This strikes me more as 'look what nobody can get after us for getting away with"

If a Ford driver, or a ferret enthusiast, or a pastry chef , or a fan of dildos had slipped an easter egg in for one of those things, it’d be fair game in a way that this one isn’t, to criticize.

Not that I am criticizing it, I just realized that were I to, it’d be a hot potato in a way that other subcultural easter eggs might not be. Clever thing they did here, yes, but what’s the point?

Yeeeesh, bb, make up your mind.

Is Google an evil empire:

Or an endearing supporter of the queer community?

I know, I know…

It’s almost like these posts are made by different people or something. /s

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It works on pre-existing spreadsheets too; this just made doing some of my reports a little more interesting:


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They’re very supportive of queers who are also neoliberal.

Have you been to SF pride lately? When I was there, they’d kicked out the Chelsea Manning brigade but Burger King had a prime themed burger…

[insert shrug emoji here]

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