Leaked memo suggests that Google has not really canceled its censored, spying Chinese search tool


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/03/04/black-budgets-are-us.html

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It sucks when you can no longer trust a corporation to stay true to it’s word. Oh? Wait? We could never do that? That’s right. With how rosy things had been lately, I forgot.

Enter “Project Double Secret Dragonfly”.


This should be good …


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Who knew that Google wouldn’t let a little publicity about their employee protest stop their entry into an enormous and potentially hugely profitable market, given that the protesting employees hadn’t managed to stop those plans. This is my totally not shocked face.


Of course they did!. They’ll just find better ways to hide it. Profit overcomes ethics & morality. b/c corporations have no soul.

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