Internal sources say googler uprising has killed Google's plans to launch a censored, spying Chinese search engine


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I beleive it when I see it.


…some of the engineers on the covert team Project Dragonfly team have been re-tasked to other projects, and the remainder have been denied access to the critical data-set that made the project possible.

Somehow I suspect that the “remainder” are Chinese nationals that were entrusted with making sure that the end result would be acceptable to the CCP and integrated with its surveillance software.


I have mixed feelings. I’m glad Google was principled to pull out of China. But I spend enough time in China that I have learned to HATE the search engines that do work there. Out of pure selfishness, I would gladly take a censored Google over Baidu, Bing, etc.


Don’t be so evil your minions revolt.

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