Google to lift political ad ban on December 10

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Are we talking about the same company that sold Youtube to Donald Trump for October and November?

I guess now that they know the coup is going to fail, they’re willing to take action:


So is everyone ready for a massive flood of republican funded attack ads against the two georgia democrat candidates?

Which one are they going to accuse of some kind of outlandish and disturbing crime? (Assuming of course, that one of the republican ones is doing whatever it is, and therefore assumes everyone else is also doing it, and they just need to get out there and point a finger at their opponent first, so nobody notices them doing the thing they’re accusing their opponent of once again…)


Reminder: Google, Facebook et. al could just reject all political advertising, everywhere, forever. It’d be reasonable and feasible; it’d be ethical and easible; it’d even be fiduciarily squeezable. Political ads aren’t that lucrative, and “not provoking the world’s governments into a regulatory berzerker frenzy” is important to shareholders, too.

The more I think about it, the harder it is to swallow that all this misinformation shit is a result of greed or negligence. I’m honestly starting to think that tech execs are simply high on their own supply – they like that their platforms are important enough to threaten civilisation itself.


It’s honestly reached the point where whenever I see a tweet or article that tries to tell me how important it is that social media platforms remain unregulated, I roll my eyes and sigh. There’s a large enough body of evidence that’s formed over the years to conclude that these companies do indeed love the fact that their platforms are important enough to threaten civilization, and that they enjoy being able to privatize the profits and socialize the losses from the damage they cause with their business models.


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