Google warns that hosts malware

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I’m kind of surprised they would keep ‘dangerous’ blogspot pages live, considering they own the platform.


Seems legit.


Well of course Google is dangerous! You can use it to find knowledge and facts! Things the 1% don’t want you to find out about!


They might well be telling the truth by accident.

Google Groups specifically is notorious for hosting malware, phishing, and spam, and Google won’t do anything about dealing with the abuse because 1) cleaning up abuse is not a profit center, 2) they’re Google - who would dare to block them? Over the years I’ve seen several good sincere people at Google with impressive tech credentials go into that mess to clean it up and eventually give up in frustration because nobody else at Google gives a shit about it. The Google blog services they bought - Blogspot, etc. - have similar issues, plus a tendency to make arbitrary, capricious, and downright crazy judgements against ordinary users.


Type in, and it tells you the page is “Not dangerous” but then lists 3 of the 4 things it had for which made it dangerous. 4 is the magic number.

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I bet they fix this faster than the 10 years it’s been that my yahoo mail spam folder fills up with legit yahoogroups posts.

4 is death. 8 is auspicious.

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Wait, Three’s companyEight is enough (maybe one egg is enough )…?

Aside: enough is a really weird word.

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Only when you’ve thought it through thoroughly enough.

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