Google: We fought gag orders in U.S. Wikileaks query so we could tell Wikileaks about secret warrants




So let me get this straight; wikileaks was using gmail and they thought it wasn’t being monitored?? That really doesn’t seem like a reasonable assumption on their part…



As I understand it, it was just their personal email – notes to mom, etc.


google , although imperfect in many ways , and subject to the inherent flaws that any large organization is prone to , does sorta have a policy in place , which it sometimes tries to adhere to , of attempting to be slightly less evil ~ if , sometimes , due to factors under it’s control or not , google does not do perfect good , well , at least on a relative sense for a large commercial institution , it does occasionally do less bad ~
offer void in texas , your mileage may and will vary ; machines or humanoids may have read this message to look for key words of interest to our advertisers or nsa , or spelling , or porn ~


After reading about Zoe Keating’s conversation with her YouTube rep regarding MusicKey, I’m feeling less inclined to give Google the benefit of the doubt.


Because a thing to do with Youtube is clearly related to a thing to do with Gmail within one of the largest tech corporations in the world…


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