Google fought to disclose order to turn over Wikileaks emails




Ask for forgiveness, not for permission.


I don’t know what the intended reason was for creating the ability to issue gag orders, but their use now seems to be to keep the public ignorant of the misdeeds of the powerful. I’d be curious to know as to why they were ever considered to be a good idea.


I think you answered your own question…


If you tell someone you’re watching them it becomes much less likely they’ll do anything interesting.


google fought back? seriously?
@Pronounce - the whole point of a “gag order” is that it extremly difficult to fight.
google after all is just another founder_centered company … which means way less important then megacorporations from near future settings. yes, such a company moves more $ then all of africa. but no, they can not refuse to follow certain ‘governement’ orders.


What would happen if, for arguments sake, Google just told the government to go fuck itself and told people everything they’re requesting. What is the government going to do exactly? Push google to move their business elsewhere? I don’t think so… then they’d get no cooperation.

I hope Google throws caution to the wind and stops abiding by the patently unconstitutional actions of these secret courts. The US govt needs a fucking kick in the balls.


Put a couple of high executives to jail. The others will chill fast.

It’s unusual in cases of financial shenanigans or gross pollution. These are apparently considered way less serious than opposing the Holy Will of the Government.

I agree here. I don’t have the hope, but would be delighted if I was wrong. I have a special bottle of good stuff for the painfully rare cases when I wish I am wrong and I am wrong.


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