For the first time ever, a judge has invalidated a secret Patriot Act warrant

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It would be interesting to know if other parties are trying to get rid of NSL gag orders and are still stuck in the state of “you’re not even allowed to talk about it”.


I guess the kicker there is we can’t really find out as long as they’re not allowed to talk about it.

Every time I hear about these cases I think of Joan Airoldi, a librarian who refused to hand over patron records to the FBI. As she says she was lucky–she didn’t have to deal with a gag order. What I find so revealing about her experience is the FBI comes off looking pretty stupid, and I think maybe that’s why they use gag orders. Keeping their requests out of the public eye means the value of what they’re doing never gets questioned.


Secret courts with secret evidence and secret orders. They hate us because of our freedom.

Thanks for linking the article, I completely missed this case - and I tend to agree that gag orders can be a useful tool for weak and bogus cases. [eh, “useful” if you’re the FBI].


I would really like to see someone pull a Snowden on this and engage in civil disobedience by immediately disclosing and publishing the contents of NSL they recieve.


I’ll have to dig out my calyx institute t-shirt and wear it proudly this weekend…

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