Federal judge orders NSA to stop collecting and searching plaintiffs' phone records

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Wishful thinking, just in time for Christmas too.

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Would it be possible to sign up the entire population of the USA as voluntary unpaid interns?


That’s good.

Too bad the NSA probably already received permission from the secret FISA court to continue doing what it has been doing and that secret ruling trumps this judge’s ruling. Right?.

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Or they are back to their “when we talk about what we do or don’t do; we emit phoneme strings that sound extremely similar to English sentences; but any correlation between what you think the words mean and what we think the words mean is unintended” strategy. Weren’t they still holding out the theory that copying all the data and storing it in their clandestine data fortress doesn’t amount to ‘collecting’ unless someone actually looks at all of it?

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I’m fairly confident that the NSA saw this coming as they …

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Of course, there’s no way we can know if they’re complying or not. It’s not like anyone but a fool would believe a word that any of them said at this point, and it would take serious purge, with a lot of them in jail, and a couple decades of good behavior and transparency before anyone would.

thank you mr. snowden. and many others.

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more than likely, or some similiar legalise/doubletalk evasion.

When you give the government a new power or capability, it’s nearly impossible to take it back.

Surely there is some way to provide legal protection from hostile forces to all Americans.

Some sort of national organization that could take responsibility for the rights of American citizens.

Perhaps citizens could nominate from among themselves for membership, and vote to select the best of us.

This national body could “govern” and enforce “laws” so as to avoid the nasty situation we have today with criminal organizations like the NSA…

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